Around the Horn (July 30)

8 Things Your Bible Says About Itself

“There are only two options when it comes to knowledge of a divine Creator: revelation or speculation. Either he speaks, or we guess. And he has spoken. The God of heaven and earth has “forfeited his own personal privacy” to reveal himself to us—to befriend us—through a book. Scripture is like an all-access pass into the revealed mind and will of God.”

Videos of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Thanks to the Lloyd-Jones Trust we can listen to Lloyd-Jones’ sermons, but now we can view a handful of videos of the the influential preacher.

Charles Spurgeon on the Sweetness of Tasting God’s Word

In this post, Randy Alcorn notes, “When you taste honey—and Winnie the Pooh will back me up on this—you naturally want more of it. When you taste God’s Words, you naturally want more of them! While it’s true that Scripture is nourishing, the thought of nourishment alone won’t bring us to the table. We need to actively cultivate our appetite for God and His Word, and experience its sweetness for ourselves.” Then, Alcorn turns to Spurgeon to magnify his point.

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