Around the Horn (July 9)

His Kingdom, Tis of Thee

In this post, Russell Moore notes, “The gospel is not a means to an end. The gospel is not a tool to excite nationalistic passions or to form social bonds or to teach civics. The gospel is the announcement that God has raised the crucified Jesus from the dead and seated him in the heavenly places as the rightful ruler of the cosmos. Every other allegiance, then, is subordinate to his lordship.” He argues for finding the right balance.

From Overwork to Laziness: What Proverbs Tells us about Work

Writing about work, David Jones notes, “Scripture teaches that work is not the result of humanity’s sinfulness but is part of God’s good, divine design for His creation. The fall affected the spiritual and the material aspects of human existence. In a basic sense, sin is a denial that we are made in the image of God. Ironically, such a denial can lead us to attempt to remake God in our own image. When we sin, we proclaim ourselves to be gods; we deny our divine dependence; and we try to abdicate all that image-bearing entails—oftentimes including our duty and privilege to work. This situation is further complicated in that, on account of our sin, the physical environment is now cursed. Sin and the curse not only make us less inclined to work, but also they make work more difficult. One result of the fall, then, is a radical distortion of work.”

Theodore Sedgwick Wright – A Voice for the Slaves

This post recounts the racism and hatred that Theodore Sedgwick Wright, the first African American graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, experienced even from other students.

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