Around the Horn (June 18)

Unleash the Lion of Scripture: How We Can Know the Bible is True

In this post, Michael Kruger notes, “Coming to believe that the Bible is God’s word does not require extensive historical evidence, as helpful as that can be. The best defense for the Bible’s trustworthiness is in the pages of the Bible itself. From the early church on, Christians have recognized that the Bible’s authority is “self-authenticating,” meaning that Scripture bears certain qualities within itself that testify to its divine origins. One of the most powerful of these qualities is the unity and harmony of Scripture: the books of the Bible are consistent within themselves, with prior revelation, and with the overall story of the Bible.”

You Are Not That Special

In a real sense you are special because you are created in the image of God, but in a significant way everyone is completely the same. David Mathis explains in this post.

A letter to Roy. He’s the black guy in my pictures.

In this post, Scott Loyd pens a letter to an old friend, writing, “You were the friend of my youth. You are black and I am white. When we became adults, we drifted apart. You served in the military. I served in the ministry. You died too soon for me to tell you this in person, so I’ll tell you now. You endured more than you should have, suffered more than you deserved, and were held to the unreasonable expectations of white culture, yet still you were my friend.”


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