Around the Horn (June 11)

George Floyd and Me

In this powerful piece, hiphop artist Shai Linne shares his reactions to George Floyds death. It is honest and heartfelt, and he works to strike a right balance of realism and rightly directed hopefulness.

Want to be Faithful? Think Like a Farmer

“Gardening requires patience and work that I wasn’t willing to give. I wanted an instant harvest with minimal investment. I wanted fully grown vegetables without tending or waiting for them. We often take a similar approach to spiritual maturity. In a world that values instant results, believers sometimes expect spiritual growth with minimal investment. We desire long-term faithfulness to Christ but aren’t always practicing the God-ordained means of perseverance. We’d like Christian maturity to be quick and effortless. But that’s not how growth works.”

Small Begins: C.H. Spurgeon at Waterbeach

“Before he was the pastor of the largest of church in London, president of the Pastors’ College, founder of an orphanage and dozens of other charitable institutions, and a prolific author, C. H. Spurgeon pastored a small Baptist church in the village of Waterbeach, about five miles outside of Cambridge. At that time, few could have predicted what was to come. And yet, God used his faithful ministry to bring about transformation in that village during his short time there.”


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