Around the Horn (May 28)

The Cross Amidst a Plague: Choosing Cruciformity Over Self-Interest

“The vast majority of us do not hold a political office tasked with making crucial policy decisions regarding shelter-in-place orders. Although social media tempts us to forget this reality, for most of us, the most pressing question is not “what policy do I think is the most appropriate?” but rather, “how does Christ call me to serve in light of whatever policy we get?” Far from being a saccharinely pietistic question, this cruciform question ties together the Easter story, the Christian life, and our personal callings in this time. It is an urgent, evangelical, sacrificial question. We are not simply quarantined, and therefore freed from our obligations to love our neighbors and bless the world; our cruciform calling is clarified due to the restrictions we face.”

The Deafening Sermons of the Stars

“The “heavens,” that mysterious realm of marvelous lights, have astonished mankind from our earliest days. When we look at the heavens today, our understanding of what we see, due to advances in science and technology, far exceeds David’s understanding. David only had a hint of how minute he was in relation to the heavens. Our fuel for awe is astronomically greater. We know more, but do we marvel more?”

Theological Triage, Yes. How about Emotional Triage, Too?

“Whether we disagree over how best to educate our children, or who to vote for during an election, or the best movies of the year, this life provides plenty of chances to meet those who hold different opinions. Sadly, we are not very good at disagreeing. Our emotions too often get the best of us.”

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