Around the Horn (May 14)

When Preaching is Big & God is Small

In this article post, Dave Harvey highlights the fact that often the objects of our fears simply mask a deeper sin. While our fears ought not to be ignored they can never be overcome until we deal with the deeper issue.

Flattery is Not Encouragement 

Encouragement is commanded in scripture, but “like other good gifts from God, even the gift of encouragement has a sinister imitation: flattery. While at times looking very similar to encouragement, Scripture warns that flattery leads to selfish and destructive ends.”

Lloyd-Jones: Help People See Crisis as Both a Mirror and a Lens

“Times of crisis provide an opportunity to look afresh at God. They can focus us with new urgency on God’s beauty and majesty. The way to obtain and retain the joy Jesus gives us, Lloyd-Jones writes, is to “understand and to grasp the conditions on which he gives it. And that implies thought and theology.”


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