Around the Horn (April 30)

None of Your Pain Will Be Wasted

The scriptures point often to the truth that God is using our pain and affliction for our betterment and shaping in Christ-likeness, but what about the suffering that clearly will not produce deeper Christian character in this life? What are we to do with that pain? David Mathis argues for looking to the coming greater glory.

Pastor Dies Immediately After Easter Sermon on Resurrection Hope

If you ask pastors to describe how they would like for their life to end chances are a good percentage would say faithfully proclaiming the gospel and walking into eternity. That is what happened to one minister of the Gospel this past Easter. This post shares Earl “Buddy” Duggins’ story.

When Work Comes Back Home: Children as Apprentices

In this article, Harriet Conner argues that rather than being a bother the current COVID-19 situation can be a parental opportunity. She notes, “With education and work moving back into the home—at least for a little while longer—let’s persevere through the challenges knowing that our confinement could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. . . . In recent decades, we have grown accustomed to sending our children out to be taught and trained by others. Our families have handed over many of their traditional responsibilities to schools, governments and corporations. This has weakened family bonds, especially between parents and children.”

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