Around the Horn (April 16)

Don’t Try to Put Out Every Brush Fire

From time to time pastors are faced with accusations and gossip. According to H.B. Charles, one of the worst things a pastor can do is run around attempting to respond to or answer each and every one. In fact, the best thing may be to do nothing.

The Way Christians Endure this Pandemic Will Reveal What Truly Matters to Them

“The arrival of this virus in our nation has exposed a faulty theology that many American and Western believers ascribe to: that we as Christians are somehow exempt from hardship and suffering. . . . Suffering has a way of clearing the spiritual fog so we can see what’s most important. At the end of his trials, Job said: “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you” (Job 42:5).”

A Word to the Congregation

Pastors, in all of your study preparation, do you take into account the needs of your audience? This post talks about the importance of understanding the needs of your hearers.


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