Around the Horn (March 19)

The Humbling of Civilization: Praying for the Mercy of God

In this article Albert Mohler writes, “When the headlines first appeared about the coronavirus, most of us never considered that we would face such a time as this. We thought humanity was merely facing just another close call. But this is no close call. This is a full-on pandemic of epic proportions. We do not know how the story will be recorded. But we do know this: All of us must think about things we don’t want to think about; to consider realities we fundamentally don’t want to consider.” How will we respond to these realities, and how will Christians communicate hope in light of them?

The Prosperity Gospel in a Time of Plague

Not mincing any words, Russell Moore calls any prosperity preacher using the COVID-19 crisis for personal benefit peddlers and hucksters. In a time of crisis how should the Christian stand against such false teaching? How can you respond in a way that demonstrates authentic neighbor love?

Plague and Providence: What Huldrych Zwingli Taught Me About Trusting God

Often during present circumstances the past whispers forward with wisdom for today. Stephen Eccher of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, helps amplify that whisper with this helpful article on Zwingli’s response to plague.


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