Around the Horn (March 5)

The Folly of ‘Looking for Community’

As this post notes, many people bounce around from church to church in search of community. The problem with that attitude is that community is not simply something you find. It is more than that.

Spurgeon and the Cholera Outbreak of 1854

Fast-spreading, deadly epidemics are something of which the Church is familiar. In fact, throughout church history the church has had a reputation of standing firm in those times. So, as news of the coronavirus, and the virus itself, spreads, what advice does Charles Spurgeon have for us today?

Preach Like Hell Lasts Forever

In this post, Sinclair Ferguson writes, “There can be no doubt that the overarching and undergirding theme of M’Cheyne’s ministry was the sheer wonder of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ for lost sinners. But in his teens, he realized that the gospel only produces a full sense of that wonder when we have learned why it is so necessary and are conscious of the terrible realities from which Christ came to save us. A sense of the awful nature of hell and the ineffable wonder of the love of Jesus go hand in hand in the gospel message — in the preaching of it, and in the preacher himself.”


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