Around the Horn (February 27)

Strong Willed-Child or Weak Willed-Parent?

“It should be clear to our children that we mean what we say. If your child is truly strong-willed, then I pray for you and pray that you will help to develop that child into a faithful servant for God. I feel confident assuming that most of the uncompromising giants of the faith were strong-willed children who were raised, not by pushovers, but by parents who were strong-willed themselves.”

3 Truths to Remember in the Houston Astros Cheating Scandal

The cheating scandal involving the Houston Astros has been a consistent talking point among baseball fans and sports fans in general, especially sports radio, but what if this scandal actually opens the door to point to the gospel?

The Pastor as Theologian-in-Residence 

It is a weighty realization to think that the only theological instruction that some church members will ever receive is from their pastor. Though it is a weighty realization it has the opportunity to be a great blessing. Who better to lead them theologically than the one who should know them best?


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