Around the Horn (February 6)

So, What Did Jesus Think about the Old Testament?

In this post, Micheal Kruger answers the title question on the levels of history, authority, and inspiration. Clearly, Jesus interacts with the Old Testament and never disparagingly.

5 Questions Your Listeners Will Have When They Hear You Preach

Preacher, do you consider the questions your hears may have about you and your sermon when you step into the pulpit? If you do, you ought to be better at your craft.

Good Men Work Hard and Sleep Well

The opening paragraph of this post will make you want to keep reading. “Anyone can recognize the tragedy of a lazy man. Even normal responsibilities overwhelm him. He is paralyzed by absurd fears (Proverbs 22:13). He cannot provide for himself, or anyone else (Proverbs 20:4). Just about anything is too hard for him (Proverbs 19:24). Those who once depended on him have learned not to (Proverbs 10:26). His cravings, never satisfied, slowly destroy him (Proverbs 21:25). We pity lazy men, and strive not to be one.”

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