Around the Horn (January 23)

Missionaries Need to Know What a Church Is: A Lesson from Adoniram Judson

Of all the theological knowledge requisite for a missionary very rarely is a right ecclesiology high on that list, but as Adoniram Judson learned the heard way, perhaps it is something that may just be vital.

No More Passive Fathering 

In this post, Tony Evans notes, “Discouragement, criticism, and the withholding of approval are several other prime ways we can exasperate our children. Be careful not to puncture your kids’ hopes and dreams. Try not to focus too much on what they’re not doing. Don’t be afraid to speak words of approval and affirmation. In fact, speak them often. You rarely hear a man say his mother never once affirmed him when he was young. But the men who say that about their fathers are legion.” In order to be encouragers fathers must be active in the lives of their children.

How Christ Is the Centre of Scripture

A post by Wyatt Graham of the Gospel Coalition of Canada in which he illustrates the Christ centeredness of Scripture with a bowling ball and a sheet. It makes sense when he describes it, and it is helpful.


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