Around the Horn (January 16)

Preacher, Know Your Task

Preaching is far more than “sharing the Word,” “explaining the Bible,” or “giving a Bible talk.” Preaching carries much greater weight than those descriptors. Preachers, according to Adam Ch’ng, need to understand their task.

The Eleven Commandments for Long Winded Preachers

Are you a consistently long winded preacher? It is not necessary a virtue that you are consistently preaching long sermons. It could be that you are poorly prepared and unorganized.

Why You Must Rethink Your Life Story In Light of the Gospel

In this post, Trevin Wax notes, “If the Scriptural Story of the world is public truth with personal implications, then we must evaluate our individual life stories in light of the greater one. The public impacts the personal. And, as we read the New Testament, we not only see the Story of our world, but also how our lives make sense within that Story. The gospel alters our life story. When we trust in Christ, the new story begins, a narrative in which we are gradually being remade into the image of Jesus. It is a story of becoming like Christ. This is the personal side of the gospel—that Christ died for you and me personally, and that God has promised to make us more and more like our Savior.”

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