Around the Horn (January 9)

Preaching Checklist

In this post, David Murray shares the importance of regularly assessing your own preaching. He offers his checklist as an example for achieving that goal.

Say What No One Else Will: The Men We Need as the World Drowns

Greg Morse begins his post writing, “Our women have critical words to speak in God’s global cause, and we need their voices, but it is especially grievous when our men shun their fatherly calling to speak the hard, but necessary truths no one else wants to (1 Thessalonians 2:11). When a man spends his brief existence as a remote-clicker, a couch-sitter, an unending joke-teller, when he starves his soul — that which he should not trade for the world (Mark 8:36) — on triviality, and wraps his affections around frivolity, he has become a shadow in a world that desperately needs men of great density.” He calls men to live beyond the trivial.

What is Preaching (And Who Does It)?

Kevin DeYoung argues that not every Christian is called to preach. Preaching is a certain type of communication reserved for a certain group that are especially called to it. This only makes sense when preaching is properly defined.

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