Around the Horn (January 2)

Preaching the Whole Counsel

Jason Allen begins this post stating, “Sound preaching depends on sound interpretation. If one desires to preach the whole counsel of God, proper interpretation is of paramount importance. To unpack the story of Scripture and share God’s full revelation, one must be properly equipped to faithfully carry out this duty.  We preach the whole gospel, the whole truth, God’s whole plan of redemption.  If you get the meaning of the text wrong, you will build your sermon a foundation of sand. Interpretation is the most important aspect of sermon preparation and it is the preacher’s main work in preaching the whole counsel of God.  If the sermon is going to have scriptural power, it must first have scriptural truth.”

Trust the Bible Above Your Experience 

The Bible should dictate our decision making and shape our thoughts about God. Even Peter, who saw the transfigured Lord, did so, according to Jordon Standridge in this post. It is vital we get this right.

How to Prioritize Reading

Perhaps you’ve set a goal to read more in the new year. That will not happen without a plan. In this post, Tony Reinke paints a picture of how to ensure you meet your reading goals.

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