Around the Horn (November 7)

Adoniram Judson’s First Missionary Test

In this post, Geoff Chang writes of Adoniram Judson, “What does someone need before being sent out by the church to serve in cross-cultural missions? Certainly, one should have a clear profession of faith and give some evidence of fruitfulness in evangelism and discipleship. One should have a sense of calling for the work, both subjectively and objectively. There will need to be a team of financial and spiritual supporters. Anything else? Here’s something that often gets overlooked: Ecclesiology! Before being sent out, they should come to a biblical, convictional understanding of the church. This was a lesson that Adoniram Judson learned the hard way.”

Luther’s 10 Commandments for Preaching

In many ways, Luther’s preaching was the genesis of what we now call expositional preaching. His approach was a definite sea change. Given Luther’s place in history, every serious preacher will do well to learn from his 10 Commandments for preaching.

Simple Encouragement 

Paul tells the church at Ephesians and, hence, Christians at large, to be encouragers. Being true of Christians, how much more should it be so of preachers who are uniquely called to proclaim the Word of God?

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