Around the Horn (October 24)

For Jesus’s Sake, Be Kind

In this post, Trevin Wax discusses a proper understanding of kindness. In it, he argues that kindness is not mere niceness. It is something much better.

Sobriety and the Gospel

Sobriety is most often associated with abstinence from alcohol, but the Bible talks of sobriety of mind and character. Gabriel Williams argues that it is a virtue that is necessary for the pursuit of Christian maturity.

When Christianity Doesn’t Work

Here Michael Horton writes, “Christianity isn’t true because it works. In many cases, in fact, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t solve all of the problems we think it should solve. Those who became Christians because they were told it would fix their marriages, only to land in divorce court, might well give up on Christianity. Those who expected to be free of sinful habits and desires after a conversion in which “sudden victory” was promised may become disillusioned with God soon thereafter.” So, then, what does Christianity offer?



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