Around the Horn (October 17)

Christianity is not a Frowning Contest

In this post, Randy Alcorn writes, “Happiness in Christ is one of our most powerful evangelic tools.” So, why are Christians perceived as being so unhappy? Alcorn makes the case that we should be a celebratory people.

Why We Need Bible-Oriented, Not Entertainment-Oriented, Preachers

Are you comfortable with talking about things that aren’t related to the biblical text? Are you satisfied with not having your words tied to the external standard of the word of God? If so you may be an entertainment–oriented preacher. John piper discusses the dangers of entertainment–oriented speakers in this post.

An Underrated Key for a Fruitful Christian Life: A Rooted Life in a Place

It is hard to focus on the here and now when you’re always looking for the next big opportunity. What if being rooted and grounded where we are in the here and now means that we will be much more fruitful, much more rested, much more joyful, and much more effective for God’s kingdom?


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