Around the Horn (October 3)

Two Kinds of Sermons that Seem Expositional But Really Aren’t 

In this 9Marks post, Matthew Martens notes, “Too many sermons focus on the biblical text, but fail to exposit the main point of the scriptural passage under consideration.  To be clear, this critique isn’t merely an academic or definitional one. If a sermon fails to unpack the main point of the text at hand, the pastor is failing to preach the whole counsel of God regardless of how throughly the speaker examines the scriptural passage. Such a sermon fails to communicate what God intended to communicate by inspiring that text.”

He Preached More than He Slept

In this biographical sketch, John Piper focuses on the preaching ministry of George Whitefield. Piper estimates that Whitefield preach roughly 30,000 sermons in thirty years.


Barry Zito, retired Major League Baseball player, has cooberated with Jeff Irog of Gateway Seminary to share his conversion story in a work entitled Curveball.

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