Around the Horn (September 12)

3 Reasons Your Church Shouldn’t Be a Perfect Fit for You

Honestly ask yourself, “If your church is perfect for you would anyone else be in it?” Often we confuse our preferences with matters of fidelity, which can cause us to miss the blessing of a community who is unlike us.

The Shank-bone Sermon; or, True Believes and Their Helpers

The church needs Paul(s), Apollos(s), Cephas(s), and a variety of other leaders that help believers understand the grace they have received. Variety is good says Charles Spurgeon in this sermon.

Preachers, Show Them in the Bible: Why Many Sermons Fall Short

In this post, John Piper writes, “I am pleading against a widespread kind of preaching that is Bible-based but not Bible-saturated. I am pleading against the reading of a text followed by preaching that makes its points — sometimes very good points actually found in the text — without showing people the very words and phrases from which the points are taken. I am pleading against preaching that fails to help people see how the text actually takes us to the reality that is all-important.”

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