Around the Horn (September 5)

Don’t Flatter! Encourage.

Flattery is unhealthy. That is the premise of Sean DeMars in this post. He even goes so far as to call it sin. So, where is the line between flattery and encouragement? DeMars works to helps us think through the issue.

Learning to Preach – A Interview with Peter Adam

Preachers don’t just come to the texts of Scripture as intellectuals, nor do they come as emotional beings solely. Good preaching, according to Peter Adam in this interview, requires the whole of the preacher. He offers advice for achieving that end.

The Truth of Scripture is the Most Practical Thing You Can Give PeopleĀ 

In this brief post with accompanying video, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminaries’ J.T. English talks about how the church must lean into truth in a “post-truth” world.


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