Around the Horn (August 29)

The Source of Biblical Boldness

In this post, Alex Kocman points out that in the modern day task of speaking the truth in love there is a path to walk where there are ditches on either side, on one side is the jerks for Jesus, on the other side are those who have confused gentleness with niceness. Kocman offers a biblical correction for both.

Faithfulness: The Story of Dr. Charles Woodrow & Grace Missions Ministries 

By following this link you will find an encouraging video with Tim Challis and missionary doctor Charles Woodrow. As the video shows, his life has been a display of faithfulness and trust in God on the mission in Mozambique.

Daily Slogging in the Power of the Spirit 

Ray Ortlund isn’t impressed by your platform, pastors. As this post reveals, Ortlund is impressed by pastors who are faithful for years in the daily work of pastoral ministry.


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