Around the Horn (August 22)

The Rest of the Story: Placing an Old Testament Text in Salvation History

If the scriptures are a web and pulling on one part will inevitablely lead to all the other parts, then it is inevitable that Old Testament texts fit into the salvation history, according to Matthew Emerson in this post. The key is understanding how.

On the Inexhaustible Riches of Preaching Christ and Him Crucified 

Christ and Him crucified is a well that never runs out. It is the key to openning all of the scriptures. Hence, returning to that well consistently and constantly needs to be the goal of all preachers.

Not One of God’s Words Will Fail

If the scriptures reveal anything about God it is that he keeps his promises. Over and over the Bible shows that God’s words are never empty. That truth has great significance for our faith according to David Mathis.


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