Around the Horn (August 1)

Middle Relievers for the Kingdom

In baseball, the middle reliever my not be the most recognized of players, but that does not mean middle relievers are not vital to the game. They play an important role often. In this post, we see how, in a sense, we are all middle relievers in the mission of God’s kingdom.

Small Beginnings: C.H. Spurgeon at Waterbeach

Charles Haddon Spurgeon is known worldwide and had an enormous impact in his time, but he did not enter the ministry with such an impressive platform. This article explores Spurgeon’s faithfulness in small beginnings.

Why the Word Preached Matters to the Songs SungĀ 

The structure of your worship service matters. Worship service should have a consistency and common theme. This post highlights how the preached text should dictate that theme.


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