Around the Horn (June 13)

Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Opportunity

In this post by Tim Challies, he highlights the fact that we interact on a daily basis with people in ordinary jobs. It is people in ordinary jobs they can make the most difference.

How Charles Spurgeon Learned to Preach Through a Broken Heart

In this brief post by John Piper, he notes how preaching is not just a work of the head, but it is a work of the heart also. He asks the question if a preacher is struggling in his heart how is he supposed to take courage to preach each Sunday. Piper answers that question with knowing who we are in Christ and understanding the glory of the gospel.

The Priority of Preaching

The church in the West is on the decline. If we ever hope to recover the strength and viability of the Western church it must be built upon the foundation of strong and faithful preaching, so this blog post argues.


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