Around the Horn (June 6)

Tiananmen Square & the Courage and Stand Alone

As Russell Moore notes in this article, “Jesus identified the fear of standing alone as one of the primary aspects of cowardice.” He goes on to note that courage is a lonely thing, yet that is exactly where we should be in God’s economy.

The Beauty of a Little Life

In this post Samual James ponders whether we have forgotten some of the richest parts of life. The modern tendency is to look beyond the borders of our lives and fail to live faithfully in the lives we have. As James, notes, there is something wrong with that attitude.

The Chief of Sinners Making a Moral Judgment in the Reading of Church History

There have been numerous theologians throughout church history that have self-affirmed the moniker chief of sinners. Yet, as Michael Haykin notes, having that attitude is truly the right way to approach church history.

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