Around the Horn (May 30)

In Praise of Faithful Endurance 

Faithfully remaining in ministry at a particular church is important. That statement is not only true for pastoral staff but is an important truth for every church member. Faithful stick-to-it-ness is something the church needs today.

Preach Like Broadus: Interpretation 

We are blessed to be able to look unto those that have gone before us who have displayed faithfulness and effectiveness. John Broadus is one such blessing. In this interpretative blog, Broadus’ approach to good exegesis is highlighted to encourage preachers to be faithful in how they handle the biblical text.

Approaching Your Bible Desperately 

Do you approach your Bible with the desperation of a man in need of water in the desert? Do you read your Bible as if your life depends on it? As Matt Smethurst points out in this post, that is the correct way to view the Scriptures.


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