Around the Horn (May 16)

All Excuses are Lame Excuses 

Every believer is guilty of offering lame excuses for a lack of spiritual commitment at one point or another, but each and every excuse is lame. They just don’t amount to anything. Jesus confronts lame excuses throughout his teaching.

You are Not Special, But You are His

In this post, Scotty Smith points out a unique aspect of the Gospel, it is for you, an individual. Even if you think you are one in a million, with 7 billion people on the planet that means there are 7,000 people just like you. Yet, the Gospel means that you are a child chosen uniquely by God.


There are two extremes of thinking that should be avoided when it comes to how faith is lived out in the life of a Christian. Neither extreme is based on a correct application of the Gospel. One can paralyze and the other can lead to impotent Christian living.


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