Around the Horn (May 9)

12 Spurgeon Quotes on Preaching

Charles Spurgeon, known as the Prince of Preachers, obvious had much to say about preaching. This post brings together a number of the more powerful quotes.

He Stayed Home to Save the World

While William Carey made his way overseas as a missionary he had an ally back home in England. That ally was the great baptist preacher, Andrew Fuller. Fuller stood firmly against those that claimed world missions unnecessary. His efforts helped pave the way for a great missionary movement.

The Besetting Sin of Christian Worldview Education

Holding and promoting a Christian worldview is good and right, as Samuel James points out in this post; however, there is a right way for those with a Christian worldview to interact with those of different views. According to James, often Christians are failing to see the nuance of arguments and, in so doing, acting injudiciously.

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