Around the Horn (May 2)

Four Ways Your Whole Bible Points to Jesus

The Bible’s subject and theme is Jesus Christ, which means that every passage, in some way, points to him. In this post, Bryan Chapell explains how that is possible with four helpful categories.

John Newton on Hearing Sermons

For those that have the blessing of frequently hearing sermons, especially those who have experienced that blessing for a long time, it is a temptation to become critical of the preacher. This post, leaning on the advice of John Wesley, shares how we can train our hearts against such temptation.

No Squishy Love, No Brutal Truth

In modern discourse and social media debate we have lost the art of disagreement argues Tim Challies. Challies firmly believes we must stand for and defend truth, but how we do that is equally as important as the conclusion to which we arrive.

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