Around the Horn (April 18)

The 1 Thing I’d Say to Christians about Politics and Public Life

As Bruce Ashford notes in this short piece, there are numerous things that could be said about Christians and public life, but there is one that should definitely not be forgotten. This one extremely needed idea he highlights is of greater importance than any cultural reform.

Next Pitch

When a pitcher throws one in the dirt and the baseball goes wildly by the catcher the pitcher has to step up on the mound and throw the next pitch. What if we approached life similarly? No matter what mistakes we make or circumstances arise, we have to step up and throw the proverbial next pitch?

Rebranding The Culture of Death? Planned Parenthood’s Latest Strategy

There is no denying that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country. Yet, the organization is attempting to run away from that moniker, at least in perception. They are attempting to redefine language so they come across health providers rather than life takers.



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