Around the Horn (March 14)

The Harmonics of the Old Testament

In this post, Old Testament professor, Randell McKinion discuses the importance of poetry for understanding the theology of the Old Testament. He makes the case that the authors of the Old Testament were, in some ways, singing the biblical truths to one another.

The Devil Can Do Exposition, but He Can’t Preach

What separates the devil’s exposition of Scripture from preaching? Mechanically, a case can be made that they are the same thing, but as John Piper points out in this video and accompanying transcript, preaching is much more than mechanical. Preaching is worship.

Spurgeon’s Evangelical Activism 

According to Timothy Gatewood in the article, Charles Spurgeon worked tirelessly to faithfully preach, teach, and evangelize; yet, he was equally tireless in his efforts of activism. Spurgeon’s social concerns moved him to act, and act he did!

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