Around the Horn (February 28)

Pastor, You are Dispensable

Pastor, if you have been deceived by your own self-importance let this article awaking you with the reminder that “Those who teach, preach and lead in the local church are nothing more than tools in the hands of our omnipotent God. He may pick up one of these tools and wield it mightily. But we must never forget what we are, lest at the same time we forget who God is.”

3 Principles for Christian Political Engagement 

For centuries Christians have had to wisely live as citizens of heaven while simultaneously living in the kingdom of men. In this article, Jared Wilson offers helpful hints for walking rightly in both kingdoms.

Christocentric Preaching

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has made a number of their Sothern Baptist Journal of Theology articles available online for free. This article by Vern Poythress demonstrates a Christocentric approach to rightly handling the biblical text.

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