Around the Horn (February 7)

A Practical Guide for Growing in Biblical Literacy 

Recent studies have revealed just how biblically illiterate confessing Christians in the United States are. This article shows that telling people to just “read the Bible” is not enough, given that many simply don’t know where to start. This article offers a global/local approach to Bible reading.

Lord, Free Me from Pride: 3 Ways to Escape Self-Importance

As Isaac Adams points out in this article, we struggle to keep God’s commands, not because they are bad but because we are. We struggle with pride, all of us. So, he offers three practices that will help us kill our pride.

Move Over, Sex and Drugs. Ease is the New Vice

Like cereal sales, it seems that sex is declining among young people. The reason? It is too much work. While all extra-marital sex is wrong the trend points to a larger issue according to Jen Pollock Michel in this article.


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