Around the Horn (January 10)

Holy Boldness is Needed in Hostile Climates

As Christianity continues to be pushed to the margins of culture and voices hostile to orthodoxy grow louder, Christians must increase in their boldness. This post lays out the foundation and describes the need for that boldness to be holy.

Should We “Make a Beeline to the Cross:” A Caution for Gospel-Centered Preaching

In this article, John Piper encourages those seeking to practice cruciform preaching against steamrolling the biblical text in order to preach Christ crucified. While he agrees that all of Scripture points to Christ, he warns against mistreating the text to reveal that truth.

The First and Last Word on Preaching

In this post, Michael Milton highlights the opening and closing sentences of the sermon. The attempts to show how those two sentences can frame and enforce the entire message.

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