Around the Horn (November 29)

Incomprehensible Evangelicals and the Death of John Allen Chau

Several days ago American missionary John Allen Chau was killed by the people of North Sentinel Island. This island has been isolated for decades and every attempt to enter the island is met with violence from the Sentinalese people. While some have questioned Chau’s method, in this post, Thomas Kidd talks about the world’s struggle to understand his motivation. He points out how the evangelical message is becoming increasingly incomprehensible to the world.

Augustine’s Theology of Preaching

In this book review, Dustin Benge points out that preaching has always been a mark of a healthy church and while the renewed interest in expository preaching is to be commended, it is foolish to think that there has not been a rich history of faithful preaching from which to learn.

6 Ways to Show Your Child God’s Design for Ethnic Diversity

“Ethnic diversity isn’t something that should be begrudgingly tolerated, but enthusiastically celebrated,” says Shai Linne in this post on helping your children understand ethnic diversity from a biblical perspective. He offers very practical ways that parents can ensure their children embrace God’s beautiful design for ethnic diversity.


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