Around the Horn (October 25)

How Do I Find My Own Voice in Preaching?

All preachers, God willing, go through certain stages of growth as preachers. The goal being that preachers are continually improving their craft. One stage that preachers may struggle through is finding their voice. There is a temptation to copy other preachers or just regurgitate information. However, according to Matt Rogers in this article, preachers should seek to press into their God-given uniqueness and find their voice. He offers a handful of ways to do just that.

Faithful Preaching According to 2 Chronicles

What can the prophet Micaiah teach today concerning faithful preaching? The prophet found himself in a situation in which he was more than outnumbered; he was the only voice. What did his preaching look like in the face of the opposition of kings and other prophets, and how might it spur us on to faithfulness today?

Eugene Peterson Preached One SermonĀ 

Eugene Peterson, pastor, teacher, and prolific author, died recently. It would be hard to understate his influence on the evangelical world. Yet, as Russell Moore points out in this tribute, Peterson only ever preached one sermon, but it was an important message.


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