Around the Horn (October 18)

Biblical Theology in Discipleship

According to Nancy Guthrie, often the way we disciple others in the Scriptures is disjoined and lacking the Christological unifying principle. She makes the case that discipleship that teaches Christ from Genesis to Revelation helps us avoid dangers and creates more well-rounded followers of Christ.

The Irresistible Connection Between the Old and New Testaments

Pastor Andy Stanley has made some troubling comments about the need to unhitch Christianity from the Old Testament. Yet, as Robert Foster points out in this article, many Christians who disagree with Stanley’s thinking unhitch themselves practically in how they handle the Old Testament. Then, he offers a number of thoughts to help Christian appreciate the Old Testament.

The Joy of Overlooking an Offense

In a fallen and broken world everyone will experience offense on various levels of significance. It is a universal human experience, yet Christians have the unique freedom to respond to these various offenses in light of the gospel. According to Scotty Smith in this article, this gospel freedom allows us to respond to offense in a more human way.


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