Around the Horn (October 11)

Obey God with Your Creativity: The Christian Duty of Imagination 

In this article, John Piper discusses the idea that there is a Christian duty and biblical basis for using one’s imagination. In fact, in using our imagination, he argues that we are using our minds in the most God-like manner.

Polluting the Prophetic Word: An Analysis of Sam Storms’s Book, Practicing the Power

According to Tom Nettles, Sam Storms’s argument in his recent book, Practicing the Power, offers a questionable understanding of God’s word. Nettles believes that Storms’s conclusions regarding New Testament prophecy compromise the authority and truthfulness of God’s word.

3 Reasons Charismatics Are Wrong about New Testament Prophecy

In line with Sam Storms, Wayne Grudem makes a case for the fallibility of New Testament prophecies. In his commentary of 1 Corinthians, Tom Schreiner responses and believes that Grudem’s argument is unconvincing.


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