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Here’s What Happened When This North Carolina Church Stood up to Discrimination

In a time when churches are losing their voices of influence cities and municipalities are taking the opportunity to enact or interpret laws that discriminate against churches. In many cases, it may seem that these churches have no recourse for action. In fact, they do. This post shares how the Alliance Defending Freedom will stand up and with churches facing discrimination.

The gospel in color: how to teach your kids

If parents are not talking to their children about race and racism there is a good chance someone else is. Would you rather be the voice on this issue for your children or have their views shaped by others? Granted, it is not always an easy conversation, but that does not mean there are not resources to assist parents with these conversations. This post is an interview that highlights one of those resources.

Beyond Veggie Tales: Forming the moral imagination of your kids

In this podcast for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer, talks about how parents can move beyond the danger of simply shaping their children into “moral” people. He encourages parents to move beyond trying to make their kids moral. Rather, parents need to work on the children’s spiritual framework, which will shape their moral practice.



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