Around the Horn (September 13)

No Excuses for Preaching Bad Sermons

In the modern world there are tools all around that will help us in sermon preparation. Therefore, there are no excuses for bad sermons. However, relying too heavily on those tools is a mistake, says Tim Challies. Preachers must be sure that they learn the fundamentals because the tools are limited in their usefulness and can take the preacher only so far.

The Perils of Preaching an Implications-Free Gospel

If you are preaching a message that states anyone is saved by their works then you are outside the bounds of biblical orthodoxy. On the other hand, as Jared Wilson acknowledges, to preach a gospel without any implications for works is equally outside the bounds. In this post, he lists five reasons an implication-free gospel is dangerous.

Here’s a better way to determine your spiritual gifts

Fill out a form, calculate the results, and the results will reveal your spiritual gifting. Sounds convenient and easy. It also sounds individualistic and limiting, so says Tom Schreiner in this post. He argues that spiritual gifts are best discovered as one gives himself or herself in service to a church body.



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