Around the Horn (September 6)

Real Sermons are Not Lectures or Moral Stories

In this podcast (and accompanying transcript), Burk Parsons makes a clear argument that by preaching the pastor is serving his congregation, which means it is vital to understand preaching aright. When preaching is rightly viewed and practiced it is much more than moral stories and lectures, according to Parsons.

The Priority of Preaching

Ministers of the Gospel carry the burden of numerous responsibilities, but as Al Mohler points out in this article, ministers should never forget the priority of preaching. Leaning on the Apostle Paul’s example, Mohler argues that the hard work of preaching must come first and never be compromised.

Why Pastors Should Consider Preaching (at least) 5 Minutes Shorter

In this post, Kevin DeYoung argues that, though there is no set rule for how long a sermon should be, most sermons would be better if they were just slightly shorter. Perhaps shorting the message will make the preparation more focused and the hearers more attentive. He asks the questions, “If we can shorten the sermon and convey the same message why shouldn’t we?”



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