Around the Horn (August 23)

Center Your Sermon on Spurgeon’s 3 R’s 

There are a number of methods for ensuring you present the Gospel fully when you preach and evangelize. According to Jeff Robinson, Spurgeon had a 3 R’s method that is highly effective and easily remembered. With Spurgeon’s three doctrines you can biblically walk people from ruin to redemption, to regeneration.

Is Anyone Godly Enough to be a Pastor? 

The biblical qualifications for a pastor can seem out of reach for anyone, but as Dave Harvey points out in this post, the pastorate is not reserved for super-Christians who are better than everybody else. While the qualifications are vital, there should also be an emphasis on gifting.

Beware Theological Dangers on both Left and Right

It is not uncommon that someone is hypervigilant against false teaching. In fact, it is good to be vigilant. However, as Tom Schreiner points out, we need to be vigilant in the other direction as well. He makes the claim that there is a danger of “maximal conservatism” that is equally destructive.



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