Around the Horn (August 16)

Getting “Unhitched” from the Old Testament? Andy Stanley Aims at Heresy

Pastor Andy Stanely continues to show a pattern of dangerous thinking in his approach to Scripture. He continues to treat the Old Testament as less valuable than the New Testament, and even claims that it can be detrimental to the church. In this article, Dr. Al Mohler responds to Stanely’s wayward teaching showing just how far from orthodoxy Stanely has drifted.

20 Quotes from Francis Grimké on Preaching

“Francis Grimké (1850–1937), the son of a slave owner and a slave, faithfully pastored 15th Street Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C., until 1928.” In this post, Matt Smethurst shares twenty of the notable quotes from Grimké’s Meditations on Preaching.

Unashamed of the Bible: Aspirations for Christian Communicators

In this article, John Piper admits he is “staggered” by the unique role of the Bible for all of the universe and especially the church. From that conviction, Piper makes clear what will not happen without the Bible, then shares ten desires he has for each teacher who takes up the task of teaching the scriptures.


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