Around the Horn (August 9)

What the Bible Says About Leading Difficult People

We’ve all said it, “That person is annoying.” The problem with describing someone as annoying is that annoying is a not a character trait someone can have. When we are annoyed, in truth, it has more to do with our response to another’s actions than it does with the other person. In this article, Jeremy Pierre sheds light on what the Bible says about our hearts when we are annoyed?

A Spurgeon Preaching Thought: Bible

Preachers have a unique role of digging into and expounding the Bible regularly. The danger in that task is allowing the Bible to become simply a textbook or a tool to be used in the service of preaching, rather than treating the Bible as the life-changing Word of God. Spurgeon understood this danger and offers wisdom in the fight against it.

When We Are Shocked to Find Sinners at Church

What is your response when you hear that someone in your church is struggling with deep sin? As Jared Wilson points out, our response should not be shock. In fact, if we are living honestly and authentically we would hear of one another’s sins much more often, and that is a good thing.



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