Around the Horn (July 26)

Can Your Soul Survive Twitter and Facebook?

In this article, Russell Moore makes a connection between the social media pack mentality and how we are to interact with one another inside the church. He makes the case that we are both individuals and made for community. To over emphasis either is dangerous.

Graciousness: A Hard, Ongoing, and Necessary Trait for the Christian Life in the Local Church

Graciousness is not a option for the believer. Nor is it optional for churches in order for them to be thriving and healthy. Those truths do not mean that the discipline of graciousness is easy. So, how then do we cultivate this characteristic?

From Termination to Extermination: The International Down Syndrome Genocide

Countries around the globe have enacted a genocidal holocaust on children diagnosed with Down Syndrome in utero, with certain countries killing over 90% of those babies in the womb. This article helps people who believe in the dignity of all life think through ways to combat this evil.



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