Around the Horn (July 19)

Does the Sermon Sing? Six Classic Piper Lectures on Preaching

In 1994 John Piper delivered the Barnard H. Rom Preaching Lectures at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He would later say, “Those 1994 Rom Lectures were very significant for me. . . . To sit down for the first time and labor to try to ask, ‘What do I do?’ and define preaching for myself was very significant.” Now you can access each of those significant lectures in one place.

What I’ve Learned from 33 Years of Preaching God’s Word

In this 9 Marks post, Steve Hussung reflects on a few simple yet profound things that he has learned from preaching for 33 years in three uniquely different settings. By looking back Hussung is able to remember the effectiveness of preaching that can be forgotten in the week to week task.

Thai cave rescue: Don’t forget man who made ultimate sacrifice so that boys, coach could live

For several days it felt like the entire world was captivated by a Thai boys soccer team trapped in a flooded cave with the threat of rising water. During the ordeal we learned that Saman Gunan, one of the men attempting to rescue the team, paid the ultimate price by sacrificing his life during rescue preparations. As Bruce Ashford reminds us in this article, freedom often requires sacrifice, and the greatest freedom offered to all required the greatest sacrifice.


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