Around the Horn (July 12)

How to Discourage a Grieving Friend

Perhaps your words of encouragement and your advice are not as helpful as you believe them to be. What worked for you in your grief may not hold the key for another. What then are we to do when seeking to comfort a grieving friend? As Vaneetha Rendall Risner suggests in this article, it could be that the answer is more sacrificial than the words we speak?

How (Not) to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Scripture is clear that God has gifted each believer for the purpose of serving the church. Yet, as Thomas Schreiner points out in this article, the manner in which we seek to discover our giftings is important. He argues that finding your gifting is more hands-on than answering a few questions or filling in a bubble sheet.

Your Work has an Eschatology 

Since men and women are image bears of God our work has meaning and purpose. Whether you are a pastor, professor, plumber, or painter you image God in how you approach your work. To that end, explains Sam Parkison, your work points to a day when God will restore all things.


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