Around the Horn (July 5)

Pastor, Hold Fast Until Relieved

At times the pastorate can be discouraging and, as Jared Stacey argues here, humiliating. He goes on to make the case that the battles in which the pastor fights are the Lord Christ’s to win, and one day all the effort and toil will be rewarded.

When Failure Saves and Success Destroys 

Are you thankful for your failures? Do you view your failures as instruments that God has used to shape you into Christ-like character? Could it be that we are better equipped to deal with failure than success? In this post, Tim Challis deals with the value of failure and the dangers of success.

Pastor, Don’t Waste Your Exclamation Points

As a pastor, it is almost impossible to get church members excited about anything that you are not excited about yourself, but if the church sees that you are truly excited about something there is a good chance their excitement will grow. Now the danger in this, according to Jared Wilson in this post, is that pastors must fight to be excited about the right things.


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